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Welcome to WiedemannLand!

Our WiedemannLand jingle!

In WiedemannLand, WiedemannLand,
More folks like Wiedemann's Beer.
It's tailor-made and registered,
for the taste of folks around here.

In WiedemannLand, this friendly land,
all the folks have fun around here.
So join the fun and pour yourself
a Wiedemann's registered beer.

In Wiedemann, Wiedemann,

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WiedemannLand is the virtual town square where you can shop, find places to eat and drink, meet new people and just have fun. WiedemannLand is a friendly place where all the folks have fun. So pour yourself a Wiedemann’s beer and have a look around.


Wiedemann Beer Tales

Remember the first Wiedie you ever drank? How about the last? Or any in between? We want to hear your tales about your most memorable drink of Wiedemann’s beer, especially if it involved any of the following: laughs, tears, scrapes, bruises, tattoos, piercings, first dates, last dates, court dates, etc.

Submit your Wiedie Beer Tale via our Facebook page or email us at beertales@wiedemannbeer.com.
Write it down or put it in a video, but be sure to let us know how to get in touch with you.

We’re producing a series of videos of the best and worst tales, so yours could go viral! Unless, of course, it’s just way too embarrassing …

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