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Food Pairings

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Beer and food pairings seem to be all the rage these days, as if good beer alone isn’t enough. So in the spirit of the times, we offer the following food-pairing suggestions for Wiedemann’s Special Lager.

  • Wiedemann’s and pretzels. Large stick pretzels are nice, good with dips, spreadable cheese or mustard. But really any kind of pretzel tastes great with a cold Wiedemann’s.
  • Wiedemann’s and wieners (hot dogs, brats, metts, goetta dogs, other sausages) If you have some old beer you really don’t want to drink any more, heat the sausages in a pan of beer, then grill or pan fry.

    Do NOT waste good Wiedemann’s beer for this purpose. Use water if you have no other choice. Wiedemann’s crisp flavor pairs particularly well with local sausages.
  • Wiedemann’s and cheeseburgers. The better the cheeseburger, the better the beer tastes.
  • Wiedemann’s and pizza, spaghetti, ravioli or any Italian food.
  • Wiedemann’s and chili. Traditionally, it’s best to drink large quantities of beer first, and then eat chili before going to bed. If necessary, have more Wiedemann’s the following morning.
  • Wiedemann’s and salted peanuts. Try this pairing at a baseball, football, soccer, or hockey game.
  • Wiedemann’s and eggs for a quick breakfast. Pour about 12 ounces of cold Wiedemann’s into a pint glass. Crack an egg into the glass, taking care not to break the yolk. Drink the entire contents in one motion. The zest of Wiedemann’s aromatic hops perfectly complements the taste of the raw egg. If the yolk gets stuck in your throat, wash it down with more Wiedemann’s.

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