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About Us

Jon Newberry: My wife Betsy and I founded the new Geo. Wiedemann Brewing Co. to revive a legendary Cincinnati area beer brand and re-open a Wiedemann Brewery in Newport, Ky. Our new craft recipe for Wiedemann's Special Lager is true to George Wiedemann's idea for the original Wiedemann's Bohemian Special Brew, which had been one of the top-selling local beers since 1870. It's a very flavorful, light-bodied pilsner in the Bohemian style, served cold and crisp. Ask for it at your local taverns and grocers.

When Wiedemann Bohemian Special Beer disappeared from the market in 2007, local beer brands were making a comeback in Cincinnati and other flavorful new craft beers soon followed. In 2011, the Newberrys decided it was time for Newport’s famous Wiedemann’s fine beer to make a comeback of its own.

The Newberrys enlisted head brewer Kevin Moreland at Cincinnati-based Listermann Brewing Co. to develop an updated Wiedemann’s recipe that would bridge the gap between George Wiedemann’s fine Bohemian-style beers of old and the new craft beers that were again making a name for Cincinnati beer. The result was Wiedemann’s Special Lager, a crisp and flavorful lager in the Bohemian tradition. It’s a thirst-quenching, light-bodied beer designed to have when you’re having more than one, maybe more than a few!


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